Colorful, Vintage And The Notebook Inspired Engagement Session from Michelle Pineda Photography

How are you all today, wedding junkies?  For the past few days, we’ve experienced nothing but rain and gloomy skies and I truly hope all is well with all of you.

Today’s featured engagement session is something I hope will bring glee and lightheartedness to your day.  I’m pretty sure all you hopeless romantics (myself included) will love what’s in store for today. 🙂

Captured by the talented Michelle Pineda-Pastoril of Michelle Pineda Photography and styled by Tipping Point Collective, this engagement session shot in The Greenery in Bulacan, has 3 sets – all of which, a reflection of the couple’s personalities and love story.

Here are some of the photos from the 3 sets.  Enjoy!
balloons-engagement-shoot-1A setup that is colorful and happy, this was conceptualized by Tipping Point Collective as requested by the Bride.
Raf & Maan Engagement by Michelle Pineda Photography _MG_7361raf-maan-engagement-5 _MG_7404_MG_7430 Balloons in Engagement Session _MG_7440Engagement Session with Balloons styled by Tipping Point Collective raf-maan-engagement-2 Engagement Session in The Greenery in Bulacan _MG_7503long-distance-relationship-engagement-shootThe concept is Vintage Travel using luggages, globes, and communication materials like old-school letters and tin can telephones to depict the long distance relationship of the couple.
Travel Vintage Theme Engagement Session _MG_7536 _MG_7549raf-maan-engagement-3 _MG_7564 Vintage themed prenup shoot Travel Themed Engagement Shoot _MG_7595_MG_7616 _MG_7636 _MG_7641 raf-maan-engagement-1 _MG_7715the-notebookThe Notebook is the couple’s favorite love story/movie.  There are a lot in the movie they can relate to – the “love at first sight”, “against all odds”, “family against the relationship/fighting the world to be together”, “crazy, intense kind of love” between Allie and Noah..
_MG_7771 _MG_7777 _MG_7784The Notebook Inspired Engagement Session _MG_7812 _MG_7819 _MG_7834 _MG_7897_MG_7907 _MG_7928 The Notebook Engagement Shoot _MG_7958 The Notebook Inspired Engagement Soot

The Notebook is one of my favorite movies, too.  Who would ever forget the all consuming love of Allie and Noah, right?  But my favorite set from the three would be the “As Long As I’m With You” concept.  I just love the styling, the props especially the old-school tin can phones, plus I’m a sucker for anything vintage hehe!  “Balloons in Technicolor” is also nice, just see how happy and carefree the couple looked at the photos from that set!

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did!  Which set is your favorite? I sure would like to know. 🙂
divBonus! Here’s the couple’s SDE by freelancers Mark Maban and JayAr Olase.

Photographer: Michelle Pineda Pastoril of Michelle Pineda Photography | Michelle Pineda Photography Facebook
Styling: Tipping Point Collective
HMUA: Gery Penaso
SDE: JayAr Olase and Mark Maban

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