25 Pretty Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Pretty Valentines Day Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with desserts and all kinds of sweet treats being popular gifts to give on that day, I thought of putting together a collection of pretty treats for Valentine’s Day. I’ve seen a couple of great round ups of Valentine’s Day inspired desserts and so I chose to focus

Party Ideas To Love: Glittery Gold

It may be 2015 but one thing I’m pretty sure will never get old are gold, glittery and sparkly party details! I mostly see gold paired with pink, but I think it works just as beautifully when paired with other colors! Here are some of my favorite glittery gold party ideas: This cherry vanilla cake with

15 Beautiful Little Red Riding Hood Cake Designs

Just the other day I featured another Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party, and to keep the theme going, I thought I’d collect some of the prettiest Little Red Riding Hood cakes and feature them on the blog. Some of the cakes and parties not only have Little Red, but also include adorable woodland creatures

Pretty Palette: Paper Flowers Table Runner

pink orange yellow paper flowers

Shades of pink, orange, and yellow always look good together and maybe it is because in the color spectrum, these three colors are the ones next to each other and in the color theory these colors really complement each other. Okaaay, that’s the nerd in me talking. But, color theories aside, these three colors really