Pretty Palette: Color Of The Year – Marsala

marsala color inspiration

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun and wonderful holiday season! As for me and my family, we just stayed at home and had some relatives and friends come over here last Christmas.  How about you, guys? How did your holidays go? 🙂 My first post for the year is for

Pretty Palette: Paper Flowers Table Runner

pink orange yellow paper flowers

Shades of pink, orange, and yellow always look good together and maybe it is because in the color spectrum, these three colors are the ones next to each other and in the color theory these colors really complement each other. Okaaay, that’s the nerd in me talking. But, color theories aside, these three colors really

Pretty Palette: Pink Tablescape

Pink and Green Color Scheme

Here’s a beautiful color inspiration with various shades of pink and a pop of green. I bet a hint of red would look great, too, and would be the perfect color scheme for a strawberry themed party. Of course, with all the pinks going on in here, this color scheme will also work for a princess party, a